About askAFS

Our Team Experience and Dedication

Since 1989, askAFS has been a leading provider of live financial counseling benefits. We provide financial wellness and literacy benefits through live telephonic, onsite and online programs. We proudly avoid competing interests with no ancilliary product or services to sell.

A pioneer in financial counseling benefits since the 1980’s covering millions of lives. Major clients included National Behavioral Health Organizations, Employee Assistance Programs, Insurance Companies, Unions, Fraternal Organizations and other similar Membership Programs. We are a board managed entity, fully insured with experienced management and certified and accredited, well-trained, bilingual counselors.

We utilize state-of-the-art, scalable technology for communication and case management. In addition, we operate on strict call center metrics, including call answering, time, satisfaction, abandonment as well as flexibility in reporting that demonstrates value, quality. And with strongly enforced data security and disaster recovery policies, customers don’t worry about downtimes, outages or crashes.

We fully support the unique needs of our customers with turnkey operational, technical and promotional plans and customize media and programs to meet our customers’ strategic goals.

Bud Schaitberger

With over 35 years in the financial counseling, education and investment advisory business, Bud continues to stay very active as President and owner of askAFS. His passion is to see financial education, counseling and referral services made accessible to Middle America through EAP, associations, unions, membership programs and other similar organizations. His commitment is to keep askAFS independent from any financial products, legal, accounting or other service providers. It is only through this true independence that Bud feels wholly objective financial education and counseling can be provided.

Marcy Musselman

Marcy possesses nearly two decades of licensed and certified experience in the financial services industry, advising individuals in areas of investments, insurance, budget and debt counseling and foreclosure prevention. She has trained and led hundreds of professionals in her industry and conducted scores of engaging educational seminars for employers, unions and membership groups, covering all facets of better money management.

Bob Bowsher, CLU,ChFC

Bob has 40 years of insurance industry experience primarily in the sale and marketing of financial services products. His acquired insight and knowledge of the value and benefit of adequate financial counseling provides him a unique advantage in the development of the market for askAFS. Bob's belief in affordable and accessible benefits for the consumer is evidenced by his commitment to the growth of askAFS.

Jim Sullivan

As a CPA, Jim's 25 years of experience in individual tax and personal financial planning bring a valuable asset to askAFS and its customers. Jim was a founding member on the Board of Directors of Andersen Advisors and knows what it takes to deliver a premium level of service to a large customer base. His special interests lie in matters affecting the financial well being of the aging population, such as; health care, long term care, Medicaid planning, custodial care and many other important areas.

Charlie Schaitberger

Charlie is EVP of askAFS, and has worked within askAFS since 1997. He is responsible for day to day operations and new business development. He is integral in modernizing askAFS' call center for the increased needs of telephonic financial counseling. He believes the stress of finances has a direct impact on ones well-being and is developing askFinancial Wellness to address stress related to finances.